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Going Premium with details

Going Premium with details

It's almost Christmas! I figured it's the perfect time to share with you guys what we've been up to in the past couple of weeks. The team has been hard at work the entire time trying to get The Wingman to your hands before the holidays arrive, but unfortunately, we could not deliver that goal due to things that are beyond our control (boring logistics stuff lol). But we want to take this opportunity to tell you guys more about The Wingman and how we made we were able to get to this point.

Contoured Shoulder Straps:

Probably one of the most neglected part of a backpack. Most people would assume that any form of shoulder strap, as long as it attaches to your back, is good enough. But with The Wingman, we refused to settle with just "good enough". We worked with our design team to perfect the shoulder straps to maximize the comfort during active use. After going through multiple prototypes and samples, we learned a few things:

1) Make the strap too thin and it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

2) Make the strap too wide and it edges start to rub against the neck.

3) The strap needs to be shaped according to the human body to make it feel natural.

4) Materials play a big role in both comfort and durability.


The straps need to be perfectly sized, shaped, and made with the right materials. With The Wingman, we believed we achieved the perfect balance in size and shape with our contoured shoulder straps. We also used the most comfortable and reliable material we could get our hands on: Padded Mesh runs along the inner side of the straps for maximum comfort; seatbelt-grade webbings for tested reliability. If this thing can save your life in a car crash, you know its not gonna fail you when you bring the Wingman to your trip.

Exterior Fabric:

For exterior main fabric, given the different and sometimes harsh environments when traveling, The Wingman will take more punishment in its use more than any other bag in your arsenal. We knew we needed something that's both lightweight and can take a beating without breaking a sweat. We worked with Invista's certified partner mills to create the best exterior fabric we could muster. With an Invista Cordura certified fabric as The Wingman's main shell, it is ready to take on the world with you.

Interior Fabric:

Tears. I hate tears. Seeing your favorite bag getting a tear would literally send a tear down my cheeks. That's why when we were choosing the fabrics to use with The Wingman's interior, we never hesitated using the Diamond Ripstop. The DR is a special kind of woven fabric, using an advance weaving technique by interweaving reinforced (thick) threads at regular intervals, resulting in its unequaled resistance to tearing and ripping, as well as the unique crosshatch pattern that people come to love. DR is one of the lightest and most durable materials pound for pound. You never have to worry about tears again.


Every zipper in The Wingman, small or big, has YKK signature carved in it. Nuff said.

Bottomline, we worked extremely hard with the tightest QA, sourcing finest and strongest materials, and extreme testing to make sure The Dent Wingman will be your perfect travel companion. No matter where you go, The Wingman will keep your sneakers protected.

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